Clean on the Inside

I recently read Clapton’s Guitar, by Allen St. John, a tale about Wayne Henderson, the renowned guitar maker who specializes in the crafting of handmade, custom acoustic guitars. One chapter in particular really jumped out at me. Titled “Clean on the Inside”, it focused on how Henderson spends so much time perfecting the inside of … Read more

The Art of Proving Yourself Wrong

You have an opinion about something. Anything. Let’s say you think that dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate. Now Google it. You see three articles that say, in fact, that dark chocolate is better. You also see two articles that say milk chocolate is far superior. Which do you read? Armed with a web … Read more

The Sacrifice of Leadership

Leadership, as defined by Oxford English Dictionary: 1.the action of leading a group of people or an organization. 2.the state or position of being a leader. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be a leader. No matter where you look today, authentic leadership seems to be in short supply. Sure, … Read more

Why You Are a Technology Company

Unlike the industrial revolution, loud and filled with smoke, the digital revolution — or the “fourth industrial revolution” — happened quietly. It curled up around us and now touches every part of what we do, from how we eat to how we sleep, move, exercise, work, love and interact. It’s the voices in your car … Read more

Driving Development with Design (Thinking)

When I first learned about design thinking, it seemed like such a natural process. The problem is, I’m a developer, and I’ve been taught about planning, requirements gathering, sprints, and scrums. I’m supposed to be an agile thinker, not a design thinker. But outside of the code, I am an empathetic human being, and I’ve … Read more