What I Read: Q4 2023

Elon Musk, Walter Isaacson Walter Isaacson is such a fantastic biographer. He provides an intimate, unfiltered look into the mind of one of the most polarizing figures of our time. Isaacson’s ability to dissect complex personalities has never been clearer. He presents a balanced and uncensored portrayal of Elon Musk that reaffirms one thing: the … Read more

What I Read: Q3 2023

Midlife: A Philosophical Guide, Kieran Setiya Having just turned 40 I wanted to read something introspective about officially entering middle age. I found a lot of inspirational self-help type books that didn’t really interest me. I wanted something that would make me think and reflect; something more philosophical. Satiya tackles the major questions of midlife through … Read more

What I Read: Q2 2023

The Science of Story Telling, Will Storr This book was great. Really, really great. It’s about storytelling?-?but more than anything it’s about character, people, and human psychology. It’s about how storytelling plays a critical role in defining our persona and inner most psyche. It’s really about who we are and why we do the things … Read more

What I Read: Q1 2023

Discipline is Destiny, Ryan Holiday This is the second book in the series on the cardinal virtues: Courage, Discipline, Justice, and Wisdom. Much of the content feels repetitive if you’ve read his other books but I consider it a good kind of repetitive. Stoicism should be practiced and that’s what reading Holiday’s books feels like. And … Read more

What I Read: Q4 2022

The Innovators, Walter Isaacson A masterful tour of the creative people behind the development of computers and the digital revolution using a frame that probes the relative contributions of teamwork vs. individual genius. From Ada Lovelace to Google, Isaacson’s wonderfully connected storytelling takes you through the various branches of innovations that have led to the digital … Read more