What I Read: Q1 2023

Discipline is Destiny, Ryan Holiday This is the second book in the series on the cardinal virtues: Courage, Discipline, Justice, and Wisdom. Much of the content feels repetitive if you’ve read his other books but I consider it a good kind of repetitive. Stoicism should be practiced and that’s what reading Holiday’s books feels like. And … Read more

What I Read: Q4 2022

The Innovators, Walter Isaacson A masterful tour of the creative people behind the development of computers and the digital revolution using a frame that probes the relative contributions of teamwork vs. individual genius. From Ada Lovelace to Google, Isaacson’s wonderfully connected storytelling takes you through the various branches of innovations that have led to the digital … Read more

What I Read: Q3 2022

Benjamin Franklin: An American Life, Walter Isaacson Walter Isaacson tackles the ultimate hyphenated man in Ben Franklin — printer, scientist, raconteur, diplomat, author, philosopher, inventor, politician, and world-renowned icon. This biography helps one understand not just who Benjamin Franklin was, but why he was who he was, and what a critical voice he played in the … Read more

What I Read: Q2 2022

The Desolations of Devil’s Acre, Ransom Riggs This series has been a guilty pleasure of mine. I picked up the first book from a community library because it looked interesting. It was fun and easy to read — I learned afterward that it was a teen fiction book — but I was hooked. The story was … Read more

What I Read: Q1 2022

Courage is Calling, Ryan Holiday I’m a longtime reader of Ryan Holiday and a fan of his thought proviking style of writing — typically in the form of short chapters (2–3 pages long) where each chapter focuses on a story in history that is meant to teach a lesson. Like his other books, this isn’t … Read more