Rules For Riley; Rule 7: Love to Learn

Learning is a lifelong endeavor and should be a lifelong love affair. Have a passion for learning and a desire to learn just for learning’s sake. While curiosity is the motivating force that leads you to seek out new information, a love of learning will give you the desire to hold on to and deepen […]

Rules For Riley; Rule 6: Don’t Forget To Daydream

Life gets serious. Sometimes you need to let your mind float away to something completely unrelated and pleasurable. Close your eyes and envision yourself pursuing something you love. Imagine what you need to get there. Form a plan to make it happen. Use your wisdom to turn it into reality. It’s important to remember what […]

Rules For Riley; Rule 5: Approach the World Through Beginner’s Eyes

A beginner doesn’t have any expectations, preconceived notions, or past experiences to limit their view of a situation. Beginners have curiosity towards new things and are open and eager to learn. Embrace being uncomfortable or nervous in new situations. These feelings mean you’re getting out of your comfort zone, growing, and learning. The more comfortable […]