Rules For Riley; Rule 1: The Illusion of Reality

Your reality is not necessarily the same as someone else’s reality. Furthermore, both of those realities can be different from what is actually real. Remember, there can always be two different movies playing on the same screen; it is very important to be aware of this. Pull yourself out of your own reality often and […]

Rules for Riley

While awake for a 3:00 AM feeding and diaper change with my newborn girl, Riley, I noticed that my brain was working as tirelessly as my body was. There had been such a big change in those past few days and the thoughts floating around in my head felt a bit more important — I […]

What I Read: Q1 2022

Courage is Calling, Ryan Holiday I’m a longtime reader of Ryan Holiday and a fan of his thought proviking style of writing — typically in the form of short chapters (2–3 pages long) where each chapter focuses on a story in history that is meant to teach a lesson. Like his other books, this isn’t […]