Rules For Riley; Rule 12: Consider Other Points of View

These rules are meant to be bite-sized life lessons that lay a foundation to learn from. They are designed to help cultivate strength, insight, and wisdom as a part of your life. These rules are not definitive and should be used as thought-provoking exercises. These rules are not written in any particular order.

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

We tend to assume the best about our own intentions and the worst about other people’s. Flip this around and remind yourself to be suspicious about your initial reaction and approach others with sympathy. Always remember your own failings and think about how someone else might see the situation. Most people are trying their best. Everyone has their own history and their own struggles that you don’t know about. Although we live in the same world, we see it in a different context. Remember to pause and think about your interactions from more than just your own point of view.