As a developer, I have a passion for innovative digital experiences and problem solving. I’m a fan of explicit, clean, modular, and maintainable code. I am always curious about new technologies, out of the box thinking, finding more elegant and efficient solutions, and I am always ready to learn. I love getting a taste of new languages, frameworks and best practices to keep myself current and diverse.

The primary design principle underlying the web’s usefulness and growth is universality.

-Tim Berners-Lee


I focus on creating beautiful interactive web sites and developing custom web applications. Sometimes there are thick scope documents and wire-frames, sometimes existing websites, and other times an idea on some napkins. As long as the goal is to build something great and get to the next level, I’m there.

Web Applications

I love to build custom web applications with clients at all different technical levels. For websites with significant custom functionality, I offer a multi-day Planning and Discovery Session to lay out a detailed scope of the project. Working closely with the client, I will help a start up design the data structures, plan the application logic, and design and wireframe the primary pages.

I’ve helped entrepreneurs built prototypes, MVP’s and full scale web applications. I use the newest and greatest frameworks to help quickly design databases, develop custom business logic, and create beautiful and intuitive user interfaces. I get thrilled watching clients go on to build thriving businesses, raise money, and license or be acquired by Fortune 500 companies.


I specialize in open source content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. My expertise allows me to quickly build feature rich and user friendly CMS driven websites perfect for branding, lead generation and E-Commerce websites for small and medium sized businesses using search optimized and feature rich platforms.

I know that your website is a vital part of your business and I am always dedicated to giving it the full attention it requires. There is no magic recipe to make everything work. With so many moving parts and technologies changing daily you need someone with years of experience, and a long list of happy clients to show proven success. I have that success and I have earned a solid reputation for honesty, technological excellence and an unsurpassed level of client relations.

Search Engine Optimization

With SEO, your website can help you reach a highly motivated target audience through natural search engine rankings. This drastically increases your website conversion rate resulting in a positive return on investment. If your customers can’t find you, then your business cannot be successful. Poor SEO is a gigantic obstruction that prevents your potential customers from ever seeing you or even being aware that you exist. Moreover, selecting a Search Engine Optimization provider is an important decision with significant implications.

I can help to develop an SEO strategy that consists of landing page development, link analysis, SEO copy-writing, keyword analysis, link building, article submissions, blog reviews, and SEO strategy.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the process of gaining traffic from search engines through paid search advertising. Search Engine Marketing is quite different from Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is more like gaining website traffic by ‘optimizing’ web pages and is therefore a ‘natural’ way of gaining higher search engine rankings. Paid search marketing therefore includes the pay-per-click, pay-per-action and pay-per-lead search marketing methods.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising includes the following services Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Bing (MSN). PPC advertising includes the ads that appear alongside related search engine results that allow viewers to click the paid ad and connect to your website. We can easily help you set your Pay Per Click advertising budget and spend exactly what you want on your online advertising. Your ads will appear in Google, Yahoo and MSN search results or on partner web sites.

Moreover, you can check the results of your PPC campaigns through analytics programs. I design effective paid search marketing campaigns and strategies depending on specific needs. I carry out close monitoring on a daily basis through bidding structure, A/B ad copy testing using best practices and perform regular maintenance on active campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

With the never-ending introduction of new social platforms, social media has become a primary source of content distribution and interaction for many companies. Social media is the mainstream media and it is here to stay Social Media Marketing allows you to connect with customers like never before. Leveraging of social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Linkedin can easily help drive new channels of traffic to your business, if utilized properly.

I can guide you through the usage of social media platforms to get your message across a wider audience. Regardless of your size, I can exploit social media so that your mark is created in the virtual world and in the minds of your consumers. I focus on developing a social media marketing strategy to include all forms of social media from blogs and pod-casts, to social media web sites, to social bookmarking, and online video. I will develop a social media strategy that fits your website, your target audience and your marketing goals.

Email Marketing

Consumers of today are being hit by volumes spam so often that they don’t even bother going through their email. You wouldn’t want your email to sit and rot, would you? Today, email marketing is a cost-effective way of engaging with your customer, for seasonal promotions, product launches and maintaining customer loyalty. Yet it has to be handled in a way that it communicates your brand and drives sales without overwhelming the customer.

I create email campaigns that are targeted to different customer segments and delivered with the best possible standards. I have years of experience in industry with email campaigning and are able to provide a full array of email marketing services to companies that are eager to get started or grow existing initiatives.

Marketing Strategy

A detailed marketing strategy provides a roadmap for you and your business. It outlines where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. When you design marketing strategies it’s important that you consider your competition, your customers, and the stakeholders of your company. I carry out an in-depth analysis of the external and internal environments of your company to decipher elements that have an impact on your business. I then design marketing strategies that aim to not only increase your consumer base but also to make them repeat customers.

I realize that marketing activities should be integrated across all the marketing platforms that are used. From online to print, from outdoor advertising to mobile, I carry out the brand’s essence throughout. My marketing strategy outlines a path you need follow and makes you quit wondering aimlessly. The marketing plan sets future goals and provides directions for future marketing efforts thereby letting you make effective marketing decisions.

Web Analytics

Gathering website statistics is not simply clustering a group of numbers together to figure out how many visitors you managed to get in a day. I carefully measure website performance based on specific keywords, landing pages, traffic sources, site visitors, time on site, bounce rate, and more. Your website visitors are dynamic and it is difficult to predict what they want to see, what catches their attention, and what it takes to make them come back. These aspects require careful monitoring of a website to judge its performance.

With Web Analytics, you can drastically improve the effectiveness, and optimize your website. I use Google Analytics for making your websites worthy of praise by figuring out what gets it going. I simplify the analysis by aligning it with your goals and making it a part of your digital marketing strategy. Moreover, I can perform an audit that will squeeze out meaningful information on a regular basis that can be used to enhance your website and marketing efforts.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is everywhere you look; and it’s what drives marketing. I create impressive marketing materials for you that serve as perfect masterpieces. With a constant bombardment of marketing messages from every possible angle, it is hard for you to get your brand across to your target market. Quality graphic design is what makes you stand out. Consumers perceive information at both a verbal and a non-verbal level and with graphic design your marketing message can be enhanced using visual elements. I use colors, typefaces, font sizes, and imagery around your content to grab your reader’s attention.

I not only handle the visual layout of your websites but further extends its realm of work to produce beautiful business cards, letterheads, envelopes, flyers, newspaper ads, street signs, banners, press kits and more. I have accumulated hands-on experience over the years to go beyond, creating stunning and memorable brand identities. Everything I produce for you, down to the business cards in your back pocket, will allow for an integrated marketing approach that leaves a lasting impression.

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Sample Work

I believe client collaboration is crucial in this work and having amazing clients has made it easy for me to provide the best service I can give. With some great partners, we’ve managed to produce some amazing work. Here are some examples:



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