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2011 ING NYC Marathon

August 9, 2011 - Posted in Charity , Runs Posted by:

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For those of you that don’t know already, I’ll be running the NYC Marathon this year! I’ll be running for team Meals on Wheels and will be helping them to raise money for their charity. It’s a great cause and gives me a good reason to run my first full marathon!

Please help out and contribute anything you can! I’ve set a goal to raise $3,500 and I’m sure we can shatter that! There is no amount too big or too small, all contributions are greatly appreciated.This is a tax deductible donation so you’ll get the bills back in February!

This isn’t just another fundraiser, this is a 3 month party (not including what we’ll do for the after party) so get into it! I’m going to be planning different events in the coming months to help raise more money. Like the Facebook page to stay up to date!

Almost 40,000 people run the NYC Marathon. This is your chance to support me so on November 6th you can turn on the TV and tell all your friends “I know him”!

Tell your friends, family, strangers, whoever.. help me make this a huge success!

Use the links on the left to donate on Crowdrise and “Like” the cause on Facebook!